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Ready To Fly Aircraft

Light Sport Aircraft

Our dream was always a fast and versatile amphibian, a 'no compromise' low maintenance aircraft, equally on home on land and water, with high speed and long range. The success of our evolutionary approach to development eliminated any doubts we might have had about the viability of the amphibian project. We had now developed a beautifully balanced plane to operate on any runway, the MARTIN 3 and from it a seaplane, the GANNET, to operate on water, their performance was virtually the same.

Now all we had to do was give the speedy GANNET
compact retractable landing gear that could be stored completely inside the hull, to preserve the smooth aerodynamics. At the beginning of 2006, after a year and a half of designing and testing, the first FREEDOM prototype was finally ready and a few months later, due to popular demand serial production began.

11 years on, after a lot of hard work and investment, we have the aircraft that we dreamed of, a plane that operates safely and without limits on land, water and in the air, a plane that from the moment you take the controls, allows you to enjoy a complete and utter sense of FREEDOM

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